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Your First Home Buyer Email Course

Welcome to the first email in the First Home Buyer "Getting Started" email course. Over the next two weeks we'll be sending you an email every couple of days, each time covering a certain topic designed to improve your knowledge of the property and investing market.

To start off, today we are going to begin by looking at what are generally considered the positive reasons for investing in your first home.

Aside from the psychological and emotional benefits living in your own home can provide, such as the security of knowing that no landlord will be stopping by for inspections or deciding they want to move back into the property and kick you out - the financial benefits can prove very tangible and compelling.

Steady costs

While rents tend to increase with every lease term, usually annually, if you opt for a fixed rate mortgage you effectively lock in your outlay for the fixed rate period.

Wealth creation

Property can increase in value over time. Investment in your own home over the long term can equate to 'money in the bank' or substantial equity in the home as the value increases and your loan amount decreases. The equity or difference between the increase in value and the decrease in the loan amount can be used for further investment, giving you the opportunity to build your wealth.

Forced savings

Sometimes the equity you create can result in thousands of dollars of accumulated wealth. You should think of every mortgage repayment as a type of savings plan. When you consider that renters must keep paying rent, never accumulating any equity from their rental payments, buying your own home really is the wise alternative.

Buying your first home should be an exciting and satisfying experience and with a little knowledge and understanding of the issues involved, there is no reason why it shouldn't be.

In our next emails we will discuss the process of funding your purchase but in the meantime if you have any questions please give us a call.

Until next time...


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