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The 7 step loan process

Today we will look at the loan process and the steps involved in securing your mortgage. This is of course where we as your mortgage broker can really help...we have been able to offer our clients a competitive home loan through our knowledge and expertise in the lending practices of many different lenders. So please make use of our services, we are here to help! Okay having said that, let's get started...

  1. Interview
  2. This is our opportunity to meet with you and discuss your purchase and help you to understand all the factors involved. Ask lots of questions. It is a good idea to jot down anything you are unsure of so that we can go over these things in detail. We will also discuss different lenders and loan products available. Form here we can determine the most appropriate lender and product and move on to step 2.

  3. Loan application process
  4. Your broker will gather all the relevant information to support your loan application (e.g., payslips, credit card statements etc) and complete the necessary paperwork. We will also complete the first home owners grant application with you. The application will then be lodged with the lender.

  5. Conditional approval
  6. The lender will communicate with us once they receive the application. The approval at this time will be conditional. That means the lender will have certain conditions which must be met before the loan can proceed. Typically this will be the satisfactory valuation of the property.

  7. Valuation
  8. The lender will arrange for an independent valuer to visit the property and submit a valuation report based of their assessment of the property. To ensure a quick turnaround time it is important the valuer can gain access to the property - usually via the real estate agent.

  9. Unconditional approval
  10. The unconditional approval is issued by the lender when they are satisfied with all aspects of the loan application and have obtained a satisfactory valuation from the valuer. This is your green light on the road to home ownership.

  11. Mortgage documents
  12. The lender will now instruct their solicitor to draw up the loan documentation and forward to you or your solicitor for signing. You need to review these documents and as a first home buyer it is wise to do this via your solicitor. Once satisfied, sign and return the documents to the lender.

  13. Settlement
  14. After the lender receives the signed documents from you, they will book a settlement date with your solicitor.

The final step - pop the champagne bottle and congratulations - you are a home owner! It is a great feeling and one we would be proud to help you achieve.

Until next time...


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