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Set & Forget Marketing

The First Home Buyer E-course

The course is specifically targeted at First Home Buyers.  It is designed to be educational and easy to read, with an emphasis on capturing the lead and then encouraging the lead to contact you, the broker, for more information and assistance.  Some of the topics covered include;

  • Positive aspects of buying real estate
  • Factors affecting borrowing capacity,
  • First Home Buyer benefits
  • Costs of purchasing a property
  • The loan process

So, how does it work?

When a client or prospective client visits your website, they will be able to enter their first name and email address into a form inviting them to subscribe to an online course.  Once subscribed, they will begin receiving this 6 part course over a period of 14 days.  Each time they receive the course, they will be reminded of you, your website and your business. 

Features & Benefits

  • Educational content/information branded for you and your business
  • Capture leads by exchanging useful information which has been actively sought
  • Build rapport and create a relationship with your clients from day one
  • Increase your database and referrals as this course can be forwarded to friends and relatives
  • Easy to set-up on your website; up and running in 48 hours
  • No technical knowledge required – we provide the system and set-up and provide ongoing support
  • Content is updated regulary as Regulations require
  • Targeting the most active sector of the property buying market

Imagine this…

  • You offer the First Home Buyers E-course on your website
  • Your clients and prospective clients subscribe to the course
  • They receive the course, sent 6 times every 2 days from you
  • They read the course and can forward it to a friend or relative
  • They contact you!


Setup Fee:
Monthly Fee:
$69 per month (unlimited clients)
Please click on one of the samples below to preview the 6 part First Home Buyer E-Course.

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