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Stay in touch with your client database

Staying in contact with your database is the key to developing ongoing relationships with your clients.  A lot of brokers will write a loan and then after settlement may not hear from the client again…this is not the way to build up your business! 

View SampleKeep your database warm with Finance Tools newsletters.  For a low monthly fee Finance Tools newsletters are distributed to your database via email, on a quarterly basis. These newsletters are comprised of quarterly 3-4 professionally written articles on relevant including timely topics, product features, state by state market updates and many more...  The newsletters are customized to suit your business logo and are set-up in a complete e-newsletter system which is accessed via a secure log-in from the Finance Tools website.


Features & Benefits

  • Print ready PDF's
  • Quarterly full content time relevant articles personalised design
  • RBA alerts each time the reserve bank meets - 11 in total
  • Complete e-newsletter system, send additional campaigns if you like
  • Cost effective marketing tool for your business
  • Professionally presented and designed
  • Promotes your brand and corporate image all year round
  • Great tool for client retention
  • Can be forwarded to existing clients friends and relatives, viral marketing

Newsletter System + 15 e-newsletters annually:

Scheduled - RBA Alert
1st Tuesday of every month (when RBA meets)

Scheduled - Quarterly full content newsletter
February, May, August, December (mid to end of month)

Setup Fee:
Monthly Fee:

Call us for a quote on additional loan writers/users under the same company banner



Please click on one of the below Newsletters for a live demo

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